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    This review is LONG overdue! I am truly sorry for not having written sooner. Dr. Mangal is an angel in disguise when it comes to dealing with endometriosis and infertility. It is true that the wait to see him is extremely long, and there are definitely times when it is difficult to get a hold of the staff. Just think about how many people he deals with on a daily basis, and unfortunately, there is only ONE of him. If you can deal with this, then this is the man to go to!!!! I can tell you right now that if/when I need to see Dr. Mangal in the future, I will do it all over again. It doesn't matter where I am living, I will make the trip to see him for treatment.
    In 2013 I traveled back and forth from Austin to Houston nearly every other week to see this man who treated my stage IV endometriosis. I had been treated by various doctors in Austin, Chicago, and Atlanta. After 5 failed surgeries, I finally found Dr. Mangal. He performed a total of 3 surgeries in 2013. 2 laparoscopies, and 1 laparotomy in July of 2013. My final surgery with him lasted nearly 10 hours, and my husband and I were told by him that this was one of the worst cases of endometriosis that he had ever seen. He advised that it would take my body quite some time to fully heal from the surgery.
    My goal was for my husband and I to conceive a child. After this surgery, we were going to attempt IVF as Dr. Mangal advised that the chance of conceiving naturally was quite slim to none due to very little ovary tissue being left, and blocked/damaged fallopian tubes. Not to mention that there was no guarantee as to how quickly the endometriosis would return due to how aggressive my case is. **Note** Surgery does NOT guarantee that the endo will not return. Endometriosis is almost like a cancer, it can grow back at any point in time.
    My husband and I were unable to go through with IVF due to our financial situation. We were devastated, but we left it in the hands of God.
    On February 14, 2015 I found out I was pregnant, and on October 5, 2015 my daughter, Persephone, was born.
    I truly and honestly believe that if it had not been for Dr. Rakesh Mangal, this would have never happened. I believe that it took my body nearly a year and a half to heal and allow for my husband and I to conceive naturally. Because of the AMAZING job he did with my treatment and surgery, I was able to have my daughter.

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