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  • Angie Telford's Testimonial

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    I had my 4th and final surgery (my 1st excision surgery) with Dr. Mangal in February 2013. He was so kind and caring and explained to me and my family the extent of my endometriosis and what he did in surgery. He worked on me several hours. After care was good as he sent me to neuro-gastroenterologist who helped me support my recovery and prevention of further adhesions with diet. I had the option to go to pain management, but I didn’t. I can happily say it’s been 10 years, and although I still have occasional pain,especially after I go off my anti inflammatory diet, I’m am 90% better than I was before surgery. I was almost bedridden and could only stand or walk for a few minutes without pain. Now I’m exercising most weekdays and definitely can stand and walk without pain. God bless you, Dr. Mangal! Thank you!

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